Thursday, July 17, 2008


We closed on the house at 4:30 yesterday afternoon--we're now owners of property! :-D It's such a strange feeling, like we got away with something sneaky...I don't feel nearly old enough to own a house and land. We'd heard a lot of horror stories about closing that made it sound like a torturous and neverending ritual, but ours was very smooth and even relaxing after everything that came before it. The closing lawyer was very nice and explained everything to us, and it was over before we knew it.

Now comes the hard part: moving. We have professional movers to take over the furniture next week, but until then, we're going to work on getting the boxes and small stuff over--including almost 40 boxes of books alone. Scary. We're also going to try to move over anything that, while being perfectly normal home possessions for people who are geeks, medievalists, and/or anthropologists, might be a bit disturbing for the movers...stuff like the sword collection and the armadillo skeleton (the latter is my husband's, not mine. Well, the sword collection is mostly his too, although I must admit to owning a reproduction of a Roman pugio.) I would have liked to do some work on the house before we moved anything in, but the timetable made that impossible. I'm amazed enough that we closed on the house in less than a month. So we'll have to work around furniture, but it's a worthwhile trade off for being able to vacate our apartment right at the end of our lease. I can't wait to get started with everything in earnest.


NV said...

congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of house-blogging ... and home ownership.

Stacie said...

Thanks, NV! We're having fun with both so far. :)